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Whiplash? Neck Pain from a Car Accident? 
Car Accident Back Pain Relief.
Auto Accident Injury and Chiropractic...

Call for Immediate Appointment

If you have been involved in a car accident or work related injury it is important to be examined as soon as possible even if you have no immediate symptoms to identify any potential neck, back, spine, muscle, whiplash or other injuries to receive the appropriate treatment therapy including pain management and to document your injuries.

 We will work to evaluate your symptoms and treat your pain! X-Rays are done on our premises at our Fort Lauderdale Chiropractic office and if additional views or MRI's are needed we will refer you to the appropriate facility. If additional specialists are needed for your care, such as an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist, we can assist you in finding your best choice and confer our findings to them.

LAN VITAL HEALTHCARE, with its dedicated Spine & Injury Center offers a full complement of chiropractic services along with massage and related therapies has a specialty and expertise in treating CAR AUTO ACCIDENTS and
 personal or WORK related ACCIDENTS.

We will work with your lawyer, keep thorough and accurate charts and patient files  and we have a private consultation room if all parties need to meet with us to  discuss your case and your progress to return to good health. We can also offer assistance if you need to contact an attorney that specializes in accident related cases as we have worked with many attorneys and Dr.Matrale is listed as a legal witness and an attorney educator.

Dr. Matrale's experience and level of personal caring have helped many patients achieve a return to good health in a calm non rushed clinic atmosphere leaving ample time for your questions or conferences with your attorney.

Don't suffer if you have had an
Chiropractors are the  most experienced in treating car auto injuries which mainly involve neck/back, whiplash injuries . Chiropractor physicians are the best qualified  in explaining your injuries and/or related disabilities in a legal forum and their expertise in these matters is widely used in the legal community. Dr. Matrale, a Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor is listed as a legal witness and as an educator in the "" research web site.

New Patients Seen Same Day

Car Accident and Work related accident patients also benefit from ~


Dr. Matrale has currently been listed as an educator on the popular attorney resource web site to help attorneys better understand the injuries their clients have experienced as a result of their accident due to his extensive knowledge of treating injuries caused by an auto accident.
Dr. Matrale should be your "back doctor" choice for all your chiropractic care needs...and especially if you have been involved in a car accident! 
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Press Release/Dec. 10, 2012... 
Fort Lauderdale Spine & Injury Center Named as Power Liens Preferred Provider.
Dr. Matrale and his Fort Lauderdale Spine & Injury Center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida comes highly recommended from the largest directory of doctors who accept liens/LOPs,
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Car Accident Back & Neck Pain Relief

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This chiropractic web site has been designed to provide our patients, potential patients and Fort Lauderdale area residents with valuable information on our practice, doctor and staff, services and the benefits of chiropractic care and other natural methods of maintaining health and wellness.  Our office has been treating members of the Fort Lauderdale community at the same convenient location for over 10 years!  We utilize a comprehensive combination of alternative treatments designed to alleviate pain, improve function and restore health to patients of all ages. Our friendly, knowledgeable and qualified staff takes pride in providing our patients with the highest quality care in a comfortable, stress-free, family-oriented environment.


Please call or contact us via email should you have any questions or need additional information.  We strive to keep our patients well and hope to improve their quality of life! We look forward to meeting you and welcome you to our practice.


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